Monday, August 23, 2010

Rolling Hard

Hey guys,
My name is Arash, and as Daniel pointed out, I'll be posting on this blog as well. So, sit back and enjoy our coverage of what goes around Louisville, and don't forget to tell your friends about the blog!

      This was our last weekend of summer, and decided to get a couple of cars together and go for a short drive. Must admit, I had a blast. the weather was just great enough for me to hang out the window waist up, and try to capture the awesomeness of these cars.
Tommy rolling deep with his new wheels.

Greg, and his lady joined us also.

Nothing is sicker than a TDI on bag.
Luke and Daniel riding in the DURTY DIZZEL!!
Fransisco's TT was with us too

Filli, the leader of Dope 1's crew was out repping hard!

So was mick! stay tuned for a full feature of this car.

Over all it was a good turn out. I'm still working on editing more pictures, and i'll have more for you by tomorrow!


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