Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Importance of Wheels!

     A lot of people out there do not care if their wheels are reps, shiny, or fit perfect for that matter. Although as many people out there have stated, including local dubber Danny Rice, "wheels can defiantly make or break a car".

     Northern KY Dubber Jimmy Liming is a perfect example of this. A few weeks ago I met up with Luke and Danny at their place. I was busy in the driveway raising the coils up to adjust for the amount of female luggage in my trunk for the Import Alliance trip. Next thing I know two slammed MKIV Jettas pull in. One being Jimmy's sitting on air and some red spray bombed steelies. I noticed the car had some nice features like a euro lid and whatnot, but still those red steelies stuck out like a sore thumb.

     Now fast forward a month. I'm lurking the tex and see a familiar Jetta. It doesn't hit me till a few minutes later it's the same one, but with new wheels. The difference in the look of his MKIV is now day and night. This thing looks aggressive, low, and just plain out sick. Although I have no before pictures, the afters still do justice. Props to Jimmy and a nice taste in wheels. Looking forward to seeing more of it, and lower to the ground!



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