Sunday, October 3, 2010

My First H2Oi

So this year I got the chance to hit up H2O in Ocean City, Maryland. It was my first major Volkswagen show, and first one on the east coast. And even though I was blown away by all the awesomeness, I still managed to film a bit. Although I didn't bring all my gear, and the stuff I did bring I forgot back in the hotel room. So the edit was show all hand held. Although being there, my mindset wasn't too much on filming. I just wanted to experience the event and take it all in.
The strip and weekend was what made the long haul worthwhile. Although the show was a nice turnout, it doesn't compare to the ruckus of the strip. The best part about H2O is everyone is staying pretty much in a 100 block radius. Unlike most shows people are branched off at hotels miles apart from one another.
Anyway, here is a little bit of what I did film. I winged it, threw in some females to hold your attention. Enjoy.

pd: h2oi 2010 from Daniel Woodrum on Vimeo.

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